The probate attorneys at the Law Offices of Karen Knutson have extensive experience in probate matters, and we have handled estates of all sizes. Services we provide to clients in probate matters include:

  • Petitions for Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administrator CTA/With Will Annexed (Probate of Wills) and representation of the Executor through the close of the probate
  • Petitions for Letters of Administration (Intestate Estates when the decedent has died without a Will) and representation of the Administrator through the close of the probate
  • Petition for Appointment of Special Administrator
  • Spousal Property Petitions
  • Ancillary Probate Administration
  • Accountings
  • Petition for Distribution
  • Petitions for Confirmation of Sale of Real Property

Before initiating a formal probate proceeding, we first work with clients to determine whether it is possible to avoid a formal probate proceeding. A formal Probate proceeding may not be required simply because the decedent did not have a Trust.

Probate of a decedent’s estate is a formal or court-supervised process for appointing a personal representative (an Executor, Administrator or Administrator CTA) to administer the decedent’s estate, identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person (the decedent), paying the decedent’s allowable bills and expenses, including any taxes that may be owed, and distributing the decedent’s assets to his or her beneficiaries. In general, the decedent’s assets are used first to pay the cost of the probate proceeding, and then are used to pay the decedent’s outstanding debts, and the remainder is distributed to the decedent’s beneficiaries. The decedent’s beneficiaries are those named in the decedent’s Will, or if the decedent died without a Will (known as dying “intestate”), the decedent’s estate will be distributed to his or her heirs as defined under California law.

Once our client is appointed as personal representative of the estate, we work closely with our client and the beneficiaries, we educate our clients as to what their role and duties are throughout the process, and we offer assistance to our client so that he or she can efficiently administer the estate in a manner that will allow our client to conclude the probate estate administration as quickly as is possible.

Serving as the personal representative of a decedent’s estate involves many duties and responsibilities. It is important to have an experienced attorney who specializes in probate to guide you through the process.

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